Daily General Knowledge Quiz 294

Clouds are found in
[a] Ionosphere
[b] Troposhere
[c] Ozonosphere
[d] None of these

Answer:- [b] Troposhere

Skin infected disease is
[a] Ringworm
[b] Roundworm
[c] Cholera
[d] None of these

Answer:- [a] Ringworm

Who was the first scientist to got Bharat Ratana?
[a] C. V. Raman
[b] Chandrasekhar
[c] S. N. Bose.
[d] P. C. Roy.

Answer:- [a] C. V. Raman

Who among of the following there is the first Indian cricketer who played for England?
[a] Dilip Singh
[b] Ranjit Singh
[c] Lala Amarnath
[d] C. K. Naydu

Answer:- [b] Ranjit Singh

Who among of the following there is called the Panchamvesh of Hero?
[a] Bhavbhuti
[b] Bhartbhumi
[c] Viswanath
[d] None of these

Answer:- [a] Bhavbhuti

The plural from of paper is:
[a] Paper
[b] Papers
[c] Documents
[d] None of these

Answer:- [c] Documents

The appropriate meaning of Shankara is:
[a] Mixed
[b] Mahadev
[d] None of these

Answer:- [a] Mixed

Name of first Assamese women’s magazine is:
[a] Priyo Sakhi
[b] Nandini
[c] Ghar Jeuti
[d] Chitralekha

Answer:- [c] Ghar Jeuti

Which element used. in storage Battery?
[a] Led
[b] Aluminum
[c] Copper
[d] Nickel

Answer:- [d] Nickel

C2H5OH is the formula of:
[a] Ethyl Alcohol
[b] Chlorofil
[c] Vinger
[d] Sugar

Answer:- [a] Ethyl Alcohol