Daily General Knowledge Quiz 292

Treckoma is the disease of—
[a] Liver
[b] Neck
[c] Eye
[d] Ear

Answer:- [c] Eye

‘Nagarjuna Project’ is the project of
[a] Orissa
[b] Madhya Pradesh
[c] Andhra Pradesh
[d] Uttar Pradesh

Answer:- [c] Andhra Pradesh

Which among the following has taken highest number of catches In test cricket?
[a] Sunil Gavaskar
[b] Brian Lara
[c] Mark Waugh
[d] None of these

Answer:- [c] Mark Waugh

Grand Slam’ is related to which among the following games?
[a] Chess
[b] Tennis & Bridge
[c] Badminton
[d] None of these

Answer:- [b] Tennis & Bridge

Indian Sugar Research Institute is situated at —
[a] Luknow
[b] Agra
[c] Kanpur
[d] Shimla

Answer:- [c] Kanpur

Shivaji was declared as King in the year
[a] 1664
[b] 1646
[c] 1627

Answer:- [a] 1664

‘Sunda Trench’ is situated at
[a] Pacific Ocean
[b] Indus Ocean
[c] Atlantic Ocean
[d] Arctic Ocean

Answer:- [b] Indus Ocean

‘Meenakshi Temple’ is situated at-
[a] Orissa
[b] Madurai
[c] Jaipur
[d] Agra

Answer:- [b] Madurai

If a person is unable to see at the ‘distance of 75 cm. this is called —
[a] Myopia
[b] Hyper myopia
[c] Both [a] & [b]
[d] None of these

Answer:- [b] Hyper myopia

The wavelength of which colour is less?
[a] Red
[b] Green
[c] Yellow .
[d] Blue

Answer:- [d] Blue