Daily General Knowledge Quiz 289

The FDI inflow in China dropped down by what percentage in the year 2012?
(a) 3.7 percent
(b) 1.6 percent
(c) 6.3 percent
(d) 4 percent

Answer: (a) 3.7 percent

US President Barrack Obama’s half-brother, Malik Obama decided to launch his political career in the third week of January 2013. Malik Obama announced that he intended running for the gubernatorial seat in the Kenyan country in elections which will be held on 4 March 2013. Malik Obama is planning to contest elections from which country?
(a) Zimbabwe
(b) Kenya
(c) Algeria
(d) Sao Tome and Principe

Answer: (b) Kenya

The space telescope of NASA discovered astonishing magnetic braids of super-hot matter in outer atmosphere of the Sun. Which of the following statements is true in context with this statement?
(a) The scientists claimed that this discovery could help in explaining the mysterious hot centre of the Sun.
(b) The NASA’s telescope captured 1000 photographs depicting astonishing details.
(c) It was found out that the Sun’s surface was almost up to 6125 degrees Celsius.
(d) The scientists also discovered that the powerful magnetic waves which rippled from within the surface of the Sun.

Answer: (c) It was found out that the Sun’s surface was almost up to degrees Celsius.

Iran on 28 January 2013 announced that it had successfully sent into space a primate. Which primate did it send into space?
(a) Worms
(b) Monkey
(c) Turtle
(d) Mouse

Answer: (b) Monkey

NASA on 1 February 2013 marked 10th anniversary of which Space Shuttle?
(a) Columbia
(b) Challenger
(c) Both of these
(d) None of these

Answer: (a) Columbia

Scientists from NASA in the last week of January 2013 discovered an old star called TW Hydrae which they believe could create new planets even now. How old is this star?
(a) 100 million years old
(b) 50 million years old
(c) 20 million years old
(d) 10 million years old

Answer: (d) 10 million years old

The Japanese scientists from the Saitama University in the first week of February 2013 filmed for the first time, the thoughts of which animal while it was tracking its prey?
(a) A fish
(b) A zebra
(c) An elephant
(d) A snail

Answer: (a) Afish

Which leading car manufacturer acclaimed the title of top selling automaker of the world in 2012, recording the highest sales and beating its arch rivals Volkswagen and General Motors?
(a) Nissan Motors
(b) Honda Motors
(c) Toyota Motor
(d) Chevrolet

Answer: (c) Toyota Motor

Which bank was appointed as the depository bank for Global Depository Receipt (GDR) of Indiabulls Infrastructure and Power Limited IIPL)?
(a) JPMorgan Chase Bank
(b) Deutsche Bank
(c) ERSTE Group Bank
(d) Citi Bank

Answer: (b) Deutsche Bank

Which mobile company on 28 January 2013 launched a product called One Nation, One Rate which offers users one rate for voice, SMS and data in home circles and on roaming?
(a) Airtel
(b) Vodafone
(c) Idea
(d) Aircel

Answer: (d) Aircel