Daily General Knowledge Quiz 285

In which year Hindi announced as the National Language?
[a] 31 December, 1974
[b] 10 July, 1950
[c] 14 September 1949
[d] None of these

Answer:- [b] 10 July, 1950

Which among of the following Languages Urdu is related?
[a] Farsi
[b] Hindi
[c] Turki
[d] None of these

Answer:- [d] None of these

Among these religion whose language is Pali?
[a] Jaina
[b] Buddhu
[c] Hindu
[d] None of these

Answer:- [b] Buddhu

What is the appropriate meaning of the word ‘Pik’?
[a] Beetal’s Spite etc
[b] Cockoo
[c] Container
[d] None of these

Answer:- [b] Cockoo

The temple, which is ca1led the “Khajuraho of Assam” is:
[a] Kamakhya
[b]Tirupatl balaji
[c] Madan Kamdeva
[d] Umananda

Answer:- [c] Madan Kamdeva

Lok Saha is the news paper of
[a] Madhya Pradesh
[b] Uttar Parades
[c] Maharashtra
[d] Rajasthan

Answer:- [c] Maharashtra

Which among the fol1owing is situated on the bank of Hudson river
[a] New York
[b] USA
[c] Britain

Answer:- [a] New York

Which among the following is the, largest stadium?
[a]Wankhede Stadium (Mumbai)
[b] Ferozshah Kotla (Delhi)
[c] Eden Garden (Kolkata)
[d] Green Park (Kanpur)

Answer:- [c] Eden Garden (Kolkata)

Which among the following has been named as the ‘Most Exciting Player’ of the year 2004?
[a]Rahul Drvid
[b] Irfan Pathan
[c] Harbhajan Singh
[d] Virender Sehwag

Answer:- [b] Irfan Pathan

‘Duesch Mark’ is the currency
[a] Poland
[b] Netherlands
[c] Germany
[d] Ghana

Answer:- [c] Germany