Daily General Knowledge Quiz 285

Microsoft in the month of January 2013 announced plans to shut down which service?
(a) MS Office 2007
(b) Skype
(c) Windows Live Messenger
(d) Bing

Answer: (c) Windows Live Messenger

Name the International Cricket Team with which India Lost the Series by 2-1 after it won the last match by 10 runs on 6th January
(a) England
(b) Australia
(c) Pakistan
(d) South Africa

Answer: (c) Pakistan

Name the Argentine footballer who won FIFA Ballond’Or Award on 7 January 2013 as a reward to his 91-goal in a year for Barcelona and Argentina, in the year 2012.
(a) Lionel Messi
(b) Zavier Zanetti
(c) Oscar Ruggeri
(d) Gabriel Batistuta

Answer: (a) Lionel Messi

Name the Indian Women Weightlifter who on 10 January Won Maiden National Title in National Weightlifting Championship 2013.
(a) Binitha Devi
(b) Amanpreet Kaur
(c) Manpreet Kaur
(d) Karnam Malleswar

Answer: (c) Manpreet Kaur

Which International cricket Umpire is supposed to become the first ever umpire to deliver, the MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture scheduled to be delivered on 24 July 2013?
(a) Billy Bowden
(b) Steve Bucknor
(c) Rod Tucker
(d) Simon Taufel

Answer: (d) Simon Taufel

Name the Olympic gold medalist who Won Athlete of the Year Award at JAAA Golden Cleats Awards Ceremony.
(a) Michael Phelps
(b) Usain Bolt
(c) Chris Roy
(d) Carl Lewis

Answer: (b) Usain Bolt

The Union Government of India in January 2013 approved use of saving bank accounts of which body to receive the Government benefits and deposits by MGNREGA beneficiaries.
(a) Post Office Savings Account
(b) Aadhaar Card based bank Accounts in State Bank of India
(c) Bank accounts of the beneficiaries in Punjab National Bank
(d) Bank accounts of the beneficiaries in IDBI bank

Answer: (a) Post office Savings Account

Which of the following statements in relation to the linking of the Post Office Saving Bank Account true.
i. The Union Government of India amended the August 2010 notification to allow MGNREGA beneficiaries to receive other Government benefits and deposits in their post office saving account
ii. more than 3.5 crore post office accounts in existence has turned up to be ready for the Aadhaar-linked Cash Transfer Scheme of Government of India
iii. Earlier, the accounts linked with the MGNREGA workers of the country were used for receiving the wages under the rural employment guarantee scheme
iv. As per the guidelines of the August 2008 notification of the Union Finance Ministry of India no deposit other then NREGA can be made to these accounts.

(a) Only Statement i, ii, and iii are true
(b) Only Statement i, ii, and iv are true
(c) Only Statement ii, iii and iv are true
(d) All the statements are true

Answer: (c) Only Statement ii, iii and iv are true

Name the Constitutional Body that recommended setting up of the Special Court for conducting the trials of the Italian Marines accused of shooting the two fishermen in Indian Ocean.
(a) Supreme Court of India
(b) High court of Delhi
(c) Union Home Ministry
(d) High Court of Kerala

Answer: (a) Supreme Court of India

The Supreme Court of India in January 2013 banned tourists from to pass from Andaman Nicobar Trunk Road that passes through the tribal area. Name the tribe that is the local resident of the region.
(a) Sentinelese Tribes
(b) Jarawa Tribes
(c) Peruvian Tribes
(d) Pintupi Nine Tribes

Answer: (b) Jarawa Tribes