Daily General Knowledge Quiz 282

Which Australian pace legend was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame during the third Test between Australia and Sri Lanka starting from 4 January 2013 in Sydney?
(a) Glenn McGrath
(b) Shane Warne
(c) Brett Lee
(d) Allan Border

Answer: (a) Glenn McGrath

Name the player of Indian cricket team who 4 January was named as CEAT International Cricketer of the Year 2012
(a) Yuvraj Singh
(b) Gautam Gambhir
(c) Sachin Tendulkar
(d) Virat Kohli

Answer: (d) Virat Kohli

Which tennis player duo claimed the ladies double final at the Brisbane International?
(a) Sania Mirza and Mahesh Bhupati
(b) Sania Mirza and Bethanie Mattek-Sands
(c) Saian Nehwal and Bethanie Mattek-Sands
(d) Sania Mirza and Serena Williams

Answer: (b) Sania Mirza and Bethanie Mattek-Sands

Name the tennis player who claimed the WTA Brisbane International trophy with her first ever single Brisbane International Title?
(a) Venus Williams
(b) Serena Williams
(c) Anastasia Sergeyevna Pavlyuchenkova
(d) Maria Sharapova

Answer: (b) Serena Williams

Name the third seeded Scottish tennis player who retained his Brisbane International Tennis Title after defeating the Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov on 6 January 2013.
(a) Jamie Murray
(b) Andy Murray
(c) Roger Federer
(d) Ian Collins

Answer: (b) Andy Murray

The Government of China recently launched a postage stamp to mark the year 2013. Name the animal depicted on the postage stamp?
(a) Lizard
(b) Snake
(c) Dragon
(d) Rabbit

Answer: (b) Snake

Which of the statements mentioned below related to the Postage Stamp released by China to mark the year 2013 is true?
i. The snake depicts a reptile that carries a bright pearl in its mouth in form of a gratitude for the man, who was a savior of its life.
ii. The stamp carries a face-value of 1.20 Yuan i.e. 19 cents.
iii. The stamp along with its booklet worth 9.60 Yuan would be available at different post offices as well as the book stalls of the country
iv. Wu Guanying is the designer of this Snake Stamp and has taken the idea of offering it a flowery and auspicious look from Ancient Chinese Story

(a) Statement i, ii and iii are true
(b) Statement i, ii and iv are true
(c) Statement ii, iii and iv are true
(d) All the four statements are true

Answer: (b) Statement i, ii and iv are true

Barrack Obama, the US president signed into law the Former Presidents Protection Act of 2012. Which of the statements mentioned below are true in relation to the Act?
i. The Act has extended the life-time protection to the former American presidents as well as family which include the children till 16 years of age.
ii. The new Former Presidents Protection Act of 2012 also restores the lifetime Secret Service protection of the former presidents who were not serving as the President before 1 January 1997, along with their spouses.
iii. The fresh Act actually reversed the previous law in which limited Secret Service protection was provided to the former presidents as well as their families up to 10 years in case they served after 1997
iv. Former president George W Bush as well as future former presidents of the US would be entitled to receive this Secret Service protection for the lifetime.

(a) Statement i, ii and iii are true
(b) Statement i, ii and iv are true
(c) Statement ii, iii and iv are true
(d) All the four statements are true

Answer: (d) All the four statements are true

Malaysian Bar Council in January suggested its stand on chemical castration. Which of the following statement given below in relation to the punishment is False?
(a) As per the Malaysia’s Bar Council chemical castration should be the treatment given to repeated sex offenders as the alternative kind of sentencing.
(b) South Korean Court recently gave the order of first chemical castration of Asia to the pedophile.
(c) The medical studies on this treatment hinted towards the fact that there exists no side-effects in cases of using chemical castration
(d) There are already certain jurisdictions in the world that have made chemical castration a mandatory law for sex offenders. These nations include certain American states and Czech Republic. Other nations using it for several years are Sweden, Poland, Germany and Denmark.

Answer: (c) Statement C is false