Daily General Knowledge Quiz 281

Astronomers studying about the newborn star called HD , observed glimpses of the planets which were forming around it, depicting the stage of planetary evolution which was never seen before. Which telescope helped to observe these planets?
(a) Large Binocular Telescope
(b) Gemini South
(c) Hale Telescope (200 inch)
(d) Atacama Large Millimetre /submillimeter Array

Answer: (d) Atacama Large Millimetre /submillimeter Array

A team of researchers including that of an Indian-origin, at Oregon State University discovered in the first week of January 2013, one malfunctioning protein which leads to itchy, dry as well as inflamed skin wounds in a kind of eczema. What is the name of this protein?
(a) Tropomyosin
(b) Fibronectin
(c) Ctip2
(d) Coronin

Answer: (c) Ctip2

Scientists claimed that the 2-billion year old dark black rock, called Northwest Africa (NWA) 7034 or Black Beauty is actually new kind of Martian meteorite which contains 10 times excess water than the normal. Where did this rock land in 2011?
(a) Mexico
(b) Sahara
(c) Antractica
(d) None of these

Answer: (b) Sahara

Astronomers studying about the newborn star observed glimpses of the planets which were forming around it. Astronomers were studying the HD 142527 which is __________ away from the Earth. Fill in the blank with an appropriate option:
(a) 450 light years
(b) 350 light years
(c) 250 light years
(d) 150 light years

Answer: (a) 450 light years

Which largest mountain glacier of the world was claimed to have been reduced to 5.9 km in its longitudinal extent from the time period of 1989 to 2009 because of increasing temperatures and presence of humans?
(a) Gangotri
(b) Janapa
(c) Miyar
(d) Siachen

Answer: (d) Siachen

India and Pakistan exchanged their nuclear units’ lists on 1 January 2013, as it is customary. This process of exchanging the list of the nuclear units of both the countries has been into process since when?
(a) 1 January 1992
(b) 1 January 1991
(c) 1 January 1988
(d) 1 January 2001

Answer: (a) 1 January 1992

Which of the following statements related to the exchange of the list of Nuclear Units between India and Pakistan as a part of its customary?

i. The list which contains the names of nuclear units of two countries, are exchanged between India and Pakistan as a custom and part of an agreement which prevents them from aiming the nuclear installations of each others’ nations
ii. This is a customary action as a part of Agreement on Prohibition of Attacks against Nuclear Installations and Facilities which was signed in December 1988.
iii. Diplomatic channels doesn’t intervene in the process of exchange of the lists between the two countries
iv. In 2011, the exchange of the list was delayed by 10 days and the exchange was successfully completed on 10 January 2011

(a) All the statements are true
(b) Statements i and ii are true
(c) Statements i and iv are true
(d) None of the above mentioned statements are true

Answer: (b) Statements i and ii are true

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) in the last week of December 2012 revealed that the Jewish population of Israel passed the crucial mark for first time. What is the declared limit of crucial mark by the bureau?
(a) 12 million
(b) 4 million
(c) 14 million
(d) 6 million

Answer: (d) 6 million

Name the first Asian country to Order Chemical Castration of Child Rapist?
(a) South Korea
(b) North Korea
(c) Afghanistan
(d) Russia

Answer: (a) South Korea

US President Barack Obama on 3 January 2013 signed into law an annual Policy Bills, authorizing 633 billion dollars to be spent for 2013. The bill was earlier threatened by the White House to be exercised as a Veto. Name the Bill?
(a) Annual Defence Policy Bill
(b) Annual Employment Bill
(c) Infrastructure Development Bill
(d) Education Bill

Answer: (a) Annual Defence Policy Bill