General Knowledge Quiz 258


What is the total number of bones in the human body?
(A) 108
(B) 196
(C) 206
(D) 336

Answer: 206

Devi Ahilyabai Holkar International Airport is in...
(a) Jabalpur
(b) Gwalior
(c) Indore
(d) Bhopal

Answer: Indore

MP has the largest reserves of.... in India.
(a) Diamond and copper
(b) Manganese
(c) Coal
(d) Dolomite

Answer: Diamond and Copper

Which is the state animal of Punjab State?
(a) Leopard
(b) Sambar
(c) Blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra)
(d) None of the above

Answer: Blackbuck (antilope cervicapra)

Which is the state tree of Punjab State?
(a) Orange
(b) Mango
(c) Pomegranate
(d) shisham

Answer: Shisham

The Greeks referred to Punjab as Pentapotamia, an inland delta of ..... converging rivers.
(a) Four
(b) Five
(c) Six
(d) Seven

Answer: Five

Who was the founder of the Sikh Empire?
(a) Kharak Singh
(b) Maharaja Ranjit Singh
(c) Maharaja Gulab Singh
(d) Raja Dhian Singh

Answer: Maharaja Ranjit Singh

When was the all-India Muslim League passed the Lahore Resolution?
(a) 1940
(b) 1941
(c) 1942
(d) 1943

Answer: 1940

According to the 2011 Indian Census, the population of Punjab is ...
(a) 27,704,236
(b) 27,704,336
(c) 27,704,436
(d) 27,704,456

Answer: 27,704,236

The literacy rate in Punjab State is ....
(a) 74%
(b) 75%
(c) 76%
(d) 77%

Answer: 75%