General Knowledge Quiz 248


Karwar is a beach in which Indian state? 
(A) Maharashtra  
(B) Gujarat  
(C) Karnataka  
(D) Rajasthan  

Answer: Karnataka

Puan is the original garment of which Indian state? 
(A) Bihar  
(B) Assam  
(C) Karnataka  
(D) Mizoram  

Answer: Mizoram

What is the main ingredient of Uppittu? 
(A) Semolina  
(B) Rice  
(C) Custard  
(D) Milk  

Answer: Semolina

In the Asterix comics the white feathers in whose helmet helps us know the kind of mood he is in?  (A) Asterix  
(B) Obelix  
(C) Getafix  
(D) Dogmatix  

Answer: Asterix

In the Kambala festival which animal plays the major role? 
(A) Cat  
(B) Buffalo  
(C) Dog  
(D) Camel 

Answer: Buffalo

Who founded the East Indian Association in 1866 ? 
(A) Pherozeshah Mehta  
(B) Surendranath Banerjea  
(C) Dadabhai Naoroji  
(D) Rammohan Roy  

Answer: Dadabhai Naoroji

In the Ramayana, who opposed Hanuman's killing as ordered by Ravana? 
(A) Vibhishana  
(B) Indrajit  
(C) Kubera  
(D) Mandodari  

Answer: Vibhishana

Which is the largest of the manlike apes? 
(A) Langur  
(B) Baboon  
(C) Gorilla  
(D) Chimpanzee  

Answer: Gorilla

With which type of water sport is the America's Cup associated? 
(A) Swimming  
(B) Yachting  
(C) Rowing  
(D) Water polo  

Answer: Yachting

The Winter Olympics sport of biathlon consists of cross-country skiing and which sport? 
(A) Rifle marksmanship  
(B) Swimming  
(C) Gymnastics  
(D) Mountain biking 

Answer: Rifle marksmanship