General Knowledge Quiz 229


Ozone layer in the outer atmosphere helps in
[a] reflecting radio waves and makes radio communication possible
[b] absorbing U-V radiations
[c] regulating the temperature of atmosphere
[d] absorbing cosmic ray particles

Answer: absorbing U-V radiations

What is meant by the term "midnight sun"?
[a] Rising Sun
[b] Twilight
[c] Very bright moon
[d] Sun shining in the polar circle for long time

Answer: Sun shining in the polar circle for long time

The longest dam in India is
[a] Hirakud Dam
[b] Kosi Dam
[c] Bhakra Dam
[d] Nagarjuna Sagar Dam

Answer: Hirakud Dam

Which of the following is an indirect tax?
[a] Wealth tax
[b] Corporation tax
[c] Excise duty
[d] Capital gains tax

Answer: Excise duty

‘Definitely Male’ this advertisement line is for which Motor Cycle?
[a] Hero Honda
[b] TVS
[c] Bajaj
[d] LML

Answer: Bajaj

Delivery channels other than Bank counters are .......
[a] ATM's
[b] Internet Banking
[c] Tele Banking
[d] All of these

Answer: All of these

Marketing is best suited in .....
[a] Buyers' market
[b] Sellers' market
[c] Internal marketing
[d] Direct marketing

Answer: Buyers' market

Customer's Relationship with the Bank is influenced by .....
[a] Customers' attitudes
[b] Attitudes of Bank staff
[c] Interest rates of the Bank
[d] Attitudes of salespersons

Answer: Attitude of Bank staff

Marketing is Find the wrong option .....
[a] an ancient concept
[b] a modern need
[c] a continuous affair
[d] a term effort

Answer: an ancient concept

Indirect Marketing means ......
[a] Marketing by non-sales persons
[b] Market Survey
[c] Market Research
[d] Advertisements

Answer: Advertisement

Direct Marketing means .......
[a] Face-to-face marketing
[b] Melas
[c] Seminars
[d] Indoor marketing

Ans: Face-to-face marketing