General Knowledge Quiz 218


1. Which is the largest commercial bank in India?
[a] Reserve Bank of India
[b] State Bank of India
[c] ICICI Bank
[d] Bank of India

2. Bank of Hindustan is the oldest bank in India. When did it start functioning?
[a] 1990
[b] 1770
[c] 1885
[d] 1892

3. The Bank of Calcutta, Bank of Bombay and Bank of Madras were merged in 1921 to form
[a] Reserve Bank of India
[b] Imperial Bank of India
[c] Bank of India
[d] Union Bank of India

4. When was the Reserve Bank of India established?
[a] 1935
[b] 1920
[c] 1928
[d] 1947

5. When was the Imperial Bank of India nationalized to form the State Bank of India?
[a] 1947
[b] 1949
[c] 1951
[d] 1955

6. The Reserve Bank of India was nationalized in?
[a] 1947
[b] 1948
[c] 1950
[d] 1956

7. What is a Bank which has capital and reserves of over Rs. 5 lakhs called?
[a] National Bank
[b] Cooperative Bank
[c] Scheduled Bank
[d] Unscheduled Bank

8. The Export-Import (EXIM) Bank was set up in
[a] 1982
[b] 1983
[c] 1987
[d] 1985

9. Which of the following has the sole right of issuing paper notes in India?
[a] Union Government
[b] Reserve Bank of India
[c] Ministry of Finance
[d] Supreme Court

10. In India, coins and subsidiary coins are issued by
[a] Union Government
[b] Reserve Bank of India
[c] Ministry of Finance
[d] Supreme Court

11. Which of the following is entrusted with the task of receiving all money on behalf of the Government as also with the task of making payments on their behalf?
[a] State Bank of India
[b] Reserve Bank of India
[c] Ministry of Finance
[d] Union Parliament

12. When was the International Monetary Fund (IMF) established?
[a] 1944
[b] 1945
[c] 1948
[d] 1950

13. Decision taken at Bretton Woods Conference led to the formation of
[a] IDA
[b] IMF
[c] ADB
[d] IFC

14. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBR[d] is better known as
[a] World Bank
[b] Asian Development Bank
[c] IMF
[d] It is known by its name

15. Which sister organization of the World Bank provides long term loans at zero interest to the poorest developing countries?
[a] Asian Development Bank
[b] IMF
[c] International Developmental Association
[d] International Finance Corporation

1. State Bank of India
2. 1770
3. Imperial Bank of India
4. 1935
5. 1955
6. 1948
7. Scheduled Bank
8. 1982
9. Reserve Bank of India
10. Ministry of Finance
11. Reserve Bank of India
12. 1944
13. IMF
14. World Bank
15. International Developmental Association