General Awareness and GK MCQ


1- Sathya Sai Baba was born on Nov 23, 1926 in Puttaparthi as
(A). Sathyanarayana Raju (correct)
(B). Sadanarayan Raju
(C). Sadanand Raju
(D). Satyam Raju
2- Who has been elected as President of Nigeria?
(A). Muhammadu Buhari
(B). Goodluck Jonathan (correct)
(C). Festus Mogal
(D). Umara Yar Adua
3- Who among the following has been chosen for the Dadasaheb Phalke Award 2010?
(A). Gulzar
(B). OP Nayyar
(C). K Balachander (correct)
(D). Mohanlal
4- National Panchayati Raj Day was observed on
(A). 24th April 2011 (correct)
(B). 2nd May,2011
(C). 10th May, 2011
(D). 15th May, 2011
5- Name the US Ambassador to India who has announced his resignation recently, citing personal commitments and saying he has accomplished all strategic objectives set two years ago.
(A). David C Mulford
(B). Robert Blackwill
(C). George R Merrell
(D). Timothy Roemer (correct)
6- Name the former Indian cricketer who carried a reward of Rs 25,000 on his head and who has been arrested by the Delhi Police in a human trafficking case. His alleged involvement came to light during the interrogation of Nimesh Kumar, who was found travelling on a fake passport on December 11,2004, when he arrived at the Indira Gandhi International Airport from the United Kingdom.
(A). Maninder Singh
(B). Jacob Martin (correct)
(C). Madan Lal
(D). Venkatpathy Raju
7- The Conference of Parties to the Stockholm Convention in Geneva has approved the recommendation for elimination of production and use of and its isomers worldwide, subject to certain exemptions.
(A). Endosulfan (correct)
(B). Nimesulide
(C). Paracetamol
(D). GM organism
8- Name the Indian mathematician and theoretical computer scientist who has been awarded die 2011 Knuth Prize, a prestigious international recognition for research in computer science. The professor who leads the Algorithms Research Group at Microsoft Research Labs India is the first Indian to receive the award.
(A). PK Banerji
(B). Ravi Kannan (correct)
(C). VM Shah
(D). JR Patadia
9- Which has become the first State in the country to constitute an exclusive "agriculture Cabinet" to address the problems afflicting the farmers that arise from the recurrence of floods and droughts?
(A). West Bengal
(B). Assam
(C). Bihar (correct)
(D). UP
10- The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) has announced as the new Chairman of its Executive Council for 2011-12 ?
(A). Som Mittal
(B). Jerry Rao
(C). Arun Kumar
(D). Rajendra S Pawar (correct)
11- Name the former England coach who has been appointed coach of the Indian cricket team for a period of two years. He took over from the highly successful Gary Kirsten.
(A). Duncan Fletcher (correct)
(B). Eric Simmons
(C). Andy Flower
(D). John Wright
12- Name the 42-year-old Harvard scholar who has been elected by Tibetans across the world as the new Prime Minister of Tibet's government-in-exile.
(A). Samdhong Rinpoche
(B). Lobsang Sangay (correct)
(C). Tethong Tenzin Namgyal
(D). Tashi Wangdi
13- Name the International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief who has been arrested and charged with rape bid on hotel maid.
(A). Alex Jones
(B). Arminio Guillermo
(C). Horst Koehler
(D). Dominique Strauss-Kahn (correct)
14- Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal has signed a deal to end a rift between his group and President Mahmoud Abbas' rival Fatah in Cairo. The accord provides for a unity government. They are associated with
(A). Egypt
(B). Libya
(C). Palestine (correct)
(D). Syria
15- Which has become the first state to link' Aadhaar'—the 12-digit number issued by UIDAI—to the subsidized food grain scheme? The state government thinks the new arrangement will totally eliminate fake beneficiaries of the subsidised foodgrain scheme.
(A). UP
(B). Bihar
(C). MP (correct)
(D). Odisha

16- The Omar Abdullah government has decided to rescind its controversial May 27 order regarding issuance of __________certificates to permanent residents living in Jammu region, so as to enable them to avail benefits of relaxation in physical standards during recruitment to Central paramilitary forces.
(A). Pahari
(B). Bakarwal
(C). Dogra (correct)
(D). Dari
17- Name the senior BJP leader who has been re-appointed as the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).
(A). Sushma Swaraj
(B). MM Joshi (correct)
(C). Jaswant Singh
(D). OP Kohli
18- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is associated with which of the following parties?
(A). Baath Party (correct)
(B). Labour Party
(C). Arab Nationalist Party
(D). Muslim Brotherhood
19- After several round:, of quizzing over the past few months, the Central Bureau of Investigation has arrested the Chairman of the Organising Committee (OC) of the Commonwealth Games 2010, for an alleged conspiracy in awarding a contract for the Games to a Swiss company at an inflated cost of Rs. 141 crore.
(A). Shahid Balwa
(B). Suresh Kalmadi (correct)
(C). Hasan AH
(D). Sadiq Batcha
20- Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who inspired the country to its first World Cup title in 28 years, finds himself ranked above global football icon Lionel Messi and US President Barack Obama in Time magazine's list of 100 most influential people in the world for the year 2010. Dhoni, ranked ________in the chart, is the only Indian sportsperson to make the list which also includes four of his compatriots in "Titan of Industry" Mukesh Ambani, "Brain Mapper" VS Ramachandran, "Philanthropist"' Azim Premji and "Change Agent" Aruna Roy.
(A). 40th
(B). 45th
(C). 50th
(D). 52nd (correct)
21- Name the senior Gujarat cadre police officer who has filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court stating that Chief Minister Narendra Modi directed top police officers on the eve of the 2002 pogrom that "all the Hindus teach a lesson" to the Muslims following the Sabarmati Express carnage in which Hindu passengers died.
(A). Sanjiv Rajendra Bhatt (correct)
(B). Karnail Singh
(C). DG Vanzara
(D). DC Chakraborty
22- The government has rejected the charge that any official agency has "connived or helped" the Purulia arms drop case accused to destabilise the Jyoti Basu government in West Bengal in
(A). 1990
(B). 1995 (correct)
(C). 2000
(D). 2005
23- The 15-member board of Infosys Technologies that appointed _________as the new chairman is dominated by independent directors (IDs). As many as nine out of 15 members of the board of the company are IDs.
(A). Kris Gopala Krishnan
(B). NR Narayana Murthy
(C). KV Kamath (correct)
(D). SD Sbibulal
24- Name the first man to scale Mt Everest twice who died at his home in Darjeeling after a brief illness. He was 79. Awarded the Padma Bhusan in 1966, the Padma Shree in 1964, the Arjuna Award the following year and the Tenzing Norgay Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005, he had also received the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal.
(A). Nawang Gombu (correct)
(B). George Mallory
(C). Tenzing Norgay
(D). Chiri Sheipa
25- Which of the following is the first Indian private company to sign an accord with the Government of Myanmar for oil exploration in two offshore blocks in that country?
(A). Reliance Energy
(B). Essar Oil (correct)
26- The co-operative credit societies have a
(A). two-tier structure
(B). three-tier structure (correct)
(C). four-tier structure
(D). five-tier structure
27- Notes of which denomination have the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi printed on them?
(A). 1000 rupees
(B). 500 rupees
(C). 100 rupees
(D). All the above (correct)
28- Name the chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh who died in helicopter crash recently?
(A). Dorjee Khandu (correct)
(B). Gegong Apang
(C). Mukut Mithi
(D). Prem Khandu Thungan
29- In India, rural incomes are generally lower than urban incomes. Which of the following reasons account for this?
I. A large number of farmers are illiterate and know little about scientific agriculture.
II. Prices of primary products are lower than those of manufactured products.
III. Investment in agriculture has been low when compared to investment in industry.
(A). All I,II and III (correct)
(B). Only I and II
(C). Only I and III
(D). Only II and III
30- National Agricultural Insurance Scheme replacing Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme was introduced in the year
(A). 1997
(B). 1998
(C). 1999
(D). None of these (correct)
31- Foreign Direct Investment ceilings in the telecom sector have been raised from 49 per cent to
(A). 74 percent (correct)
(B). 51 percent
(C). 90 percent
(D). 100 percent
32- Which country has won the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup recently?
(A). Australia (correct)
(B). Pakistan
(C). England
(D). New Zealand
33- In India, the first bank of limited liability managed by Indians and founded in 1881 was
(A). Hindustan Commerical Bank
(B). Oudh Commercial Bank (correct)
(C). Punjab National Bank
(D). Punjab and Sind Bank
34- The apex body for formulating plans and coordinating research work in agriculture and allied fields is
(A). State Trading Corporation (STC)
(B). Regional Rural Banks (RRBs)
(C). National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)
(D). Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) (correct)
35- What was India's position in the recently held Azlan Shah Cup?
(A). Fourth
(B). Third
(C). Second
(D). Sixth (correct)
36- Since 1983, the RBI’s responsibilities with respect to regional rural banks has been transferred to
(B). SBI
(C). NABARD (correct)
(D). PACs
37- Development expenditure of the Central government does not include
(A). Defence expenditure (correct)
(B). Expenditure on economic services
(C). Expenditure on social and community services
(D). Grant to states
38- In the last one decade, which of the following sectors has attracted the highest foreign direct investment inflows in India?
(A). Chemicals other than fertilizers
(B). Service Sector
(C). Food processing
(D). Telecommunication (correct)
39- In the second nationalisation of commercial banks, ________banks were nationalised.
(A). Four
(B). Five
(C). Six (correct)
(D). Eight
40- Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
(A). Kalinga Award - Popularisation of science
(B). David Cohen Award - Literature
(C). Borlaug Award - Agriculture
(D). Pulitzer - Progress in religion (correct)
41- One of the reasons for India's occupational structure remaining more or less the same over the years has been that
(A). investment pattern has been directed towards capital-intensive industries (correct)
(B). productivity in agriculture has been high enough to induce people to stay with agriculture
(C). ceiling on land holdings have enabled more people to own land and hence their preference to stay with agriculture
(D). people are largely unaware of the significance of transition from agriculture to industry for economic development
42- On July 12, 1982, the Agricultural Refinance and Development Corporation (ARDC) was merged into
(A). RBI
(B). NABARD (correct)
(C). EXIM Bank
(D). None of above
43- The central cooperative banks are in direct touch with
(A). farmers
(B). state co-operative banks (correct)
(C). land development banks
(D). Central Government
44- The iconic spiritual leader Sri Sathya Sai Baba passed away at Puttaparthi in district ________of Andhra Pradesh, leaving behind millions of mourning devotees in India and abroad and a sprawling system of educational, medical and philanthropic services that has huge resources at its command. He was 85 years old.
(A). Hyderabad
(B). Nasik
(C). Anantapur (correct)
(D). Warangal
45- Name the prominent leader of formers and Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) who died recently.
(A). Mahendra Singh Tikait (correct)
(B). Shared Joshi
(C). Sukhbir Singh
(D). Om Prakash Chautala
46- The Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), which markets the ______brand, has been awarded for the best environment initiative in the "sustainability category". The award was given by International Dairy Federation.
(A). Parag
(B). Saras
(C). Amul (correct)
(D). Mother Dairy
47- Who among the following has won the Asian Snooker Championship held in Indore recently?
(A). Sergelen Batdelger
(B). Pankaj Advani (correct)
(C). Geet Sethi
(D). Manan Chandra
48- India's first legal clinic was inaugurated at Firojpur Nanak village in Mewat district of which of the following states?
(A). Haryana (correct)
(B). UP
(C). MP
(D). Bihar
49- Name the Bahujan Samaj Party MLA who has been sentenced to life imprisonment along with nine others for murdering an engineer who refused to pay extortion money for Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati's birthday celebrations.
(A). Shekhar Tiwari (correct)
(B). Manoj Tiwari
(C). Mukhtar Ansari
(D). Arun Kumar Shukla
50- Who has been appointed as the new chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh?
(A). PK Thungan
(B). Tomo Rjba
(C). Jarbom Gamlin (correct)
(D). Mukut Mithi
51- Name the legendary Spanish golfer who died recently.
(A). Seve Ballesteroa (correct)
(B). Francisco Abreu
(C). Sergio Garcia
(D). Jose Manull Lara
52- Criticising die approach of die Mayawati government towards literature, name the noted poet and chairperson of Lalh Kala Akademi who has rejected die highest literary honour of Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan, the Bharat Bharati Samman.
(A). Ashok Vajpayee (correct)
(B). Mamata Kalia
(C). Rajeodra Yadav
(D). None of these
53- Name die world's most wanted terrorist who was killed on May 2, 2011, in Pakistan.
(A). Osama bin Laden (correct)
(B). Adam Yahye Gadhahn
(C). Aymanal-Zawahiri
(D). Iryas Kashmiri
54- Name me operation which was undertaken by die US in Pakistan to kill Osama bin Laden.
(A). Geronimo (correct)
(B). Hurricane
(C). Last resort
(D). Enduring justice
55- The world's population is projected to surge past ______before 2050 and then reach 10.1 billion by die end of die century if current fertility rates continue, according to die United Nations. Most of die increase will come from so-called "high fertility countries", mainly in sub-Saharan Africa and also from some nations in Asia, Oceania and Latin America.
(A). 5 billion
(B). 9 billion (correct)
(C). 11 billion
(D). 12 billion
56- Name die Qatar-based news channel whose English service will be awarded die highest honour of New York's Columbia School of Journalism for its coverage of unrest in the Middle East
(A). A1-Arabia
(B). A1-Jazeera (correct)
(C). A1-Hilal
(D). A1-Nasr
57- Which is die second State in die country after Bihar, to officially oppose die genetically modified organisms?
(A). UP
(B). MP (correct)
(C). AP
(D). Kerala
58- The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has built a supercomputer which will be India’s fastest in terms of theroretical peak performance of 220 Tera FLOPS (220 Trillion Floating Point Operations Per Second). Named ________, it is located at the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre in Thiruvananthapuram.
(A). Satish Dhawan Super Computing Facility (correct)
(B). HJ Bhabha Super Computing Facility
(C). CV Raman Super Computing Facility
(D). Jagdish Bose Super Computing Facility
59- Name die former British and European heavyweight boxing champion who died two days short of his 77th birthday. He was at his peak during die 1960s and is best remembered for a defeat by Cassins Clay, later Muhammad Ali, in a non-title fight at Wembley in 1963.
(A). Nigel Benn
(B). Chris Eubank
(C). Henry Cooper (correct)
(D). John Conteh
60- Who has been appointed as the new chief minister of West Bengal?
(A). Mamata Banerjee (correct)
(B). Sudip Bandopadhyay
(C). Sultan Ahmed
(D). Partha Chaterjee
61- Who has been appointed as the new chief minister of Tamil Nadu?
(A). VR Nedunchezhiyan
(B). J Jayalalithaa (correct)
(C). O Pannerselvam
(D). M Karunanidhi
62- Who has been appointed as the new chief minister of Kerala?
(A). VS Achudianandan
(B). AK Antony
(C). K Karunakaran
(D). Oommen Chandy (correct)
63- Who has been appointed as die new chief minister of Puducherry?
(A). N Rangasamy (correct)
(B). V Senthil Balaji
(C). CV Shanmugam
(D). KA Senkottaiyan
64- The International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) has its headquarters at:
(A). London
(B). Lyons (correct)
(C). Bonn
(D). Montreal
65- Which International Film Festival awards the Golden Bear to the best film?
(A). Venice
(B). Oscar
(C). Berlin (correct)
(D). Cannes
66- Which one of the following is the modern tool for imaging brain tumors?
(A). X-rays
(B). Magnetic resonance (correct)
(C). Electron Spin resonance
(D). Ultrasound
67- National Sc. Day falls on:
(A). 24 Dec
(B). 23 Jan
(C). 28 Feb (correct)
(D). 19 April
68- R.K. Laxman of India is a well-known:
(A). Cartoonist (correct)
(B). Novelist
(C). Painter
(D). Bird watcher and specialist of bird life
69- Which of the following is the only operational stealth fighter in the world?
(A). F-22 (correct)
(B). AF-20
(C). Hawk
(D). Eagle
70- Which of the following won the Best Film Category at the 56th India Filmfare Awards?
(A). Do Dooni Char
(B). Band Baaja Baarat
(C). Dabang (correct)
(D). My name is Khan
71- Against which country did the US, France and British forces start air attack to oust the president in 8 March, 2011?
(A). Egypt
(B). Libya (correct)
(C). Yemen
(D). Bahrain
72- Name the Pakistan minorities minister who was recently shot dead?
(A). Wajid Durrani
(B). Shabaz Bhatti (correct)
(C). Harish Kapoor
(D). Salmaan Taseer
73- Citius-Altias-Fortus' (Faster, Higher, Stronger) is the motto of which of the following games?
(A). Commonwealth Games
(B). SAF Games
(C). Asian Games
(D). Summer Olympic Games (correct)
74- 'Cannon, Cue and Pot' are three terms associated with:
(A). Billiards only (correct)
(B). golf only
(C). Both Billiards and Golf
(D). Billiards, Golf and Shooting
75- Who won the World Cup Hockey 2010?
(A). Argentina
(B). Australia (correct)
(C). Pakistan
(D). France
76- Who won Women’s Football world cup ?
(A). USA
(B). JAPAN (correct)
(C). Germany
(D). Pakistan
77- Which among the following companies/ brands has recently became the First Branded national player and selling the Branded “Pulses”?
(A). Nirma
(B). Amul
(C). Hindustan Lever Limited
(D). Tata Chemicals (correct)
78- Jean –Claude Trichet is the president of which among the following Banks?
(A). World Bank
(B). Asian Development Bank
(C). Europian Central Bank (correct)
(D). Federal Reserve
79- Which among the following was endorsed by the G-20, at its Seoul meeting in November 2010?
(A). Financial Action Task Force
(B). Base III (correct)
(C). New Basel II
(D). IFRS Package
80- In term of Economy, the visit by foreign national to witness the XIX common wealth games in INDIA Amounted to ?
(A). Export (correct)
(B). Import
(C). Production
(D). Consumption
81- River Ob.Irtysh is in:
(A). Russia (correct)
(B). Russia
(C). Afganisthan
(D). Turkey
82- Sumatra is situated in:
(A). Bay Of Bengal
(B). Arabian Sea
(C). Bay Of Biscay
(D). Indian Ocean (correct)
83- Gobi desert is in:
(A). Iran
(B). Iraq
(C). Kuwait
(D). Mangolia (correct)
84- The number of nominated members in the Rajya Sabha:
(A). 11
(B). 12 (correct)
(C). 13
(D). 15
85- Portfolios to the Ministers in a State is allocated by:
(A). Governor
(B). Chief Secretary
(C). C.E.C.
(D). Chief minister (correct)
86- A disease caused by bacteria:
(A). T.B.
(B). Tetanus (correct)
(C). Malaria
(D). Hysteria
87- Which of the following disease is due to vitamin deficiency?
(A). Rickets (correct)
(B). Hoping Cough
(C). Cholera
(D). Jaundice
88- From earth, stratosphere extends:
(A). 20-30 Kms
(B). 30-40 Kms
(C). 40-80 kms (correct)
(D). 80-100 Kms
89- Kudambasree programme is:
(A). Rural Medical Development
(B). Community based oraganisation for the poor (correct)
(C). Rural Education Program
(D). Community Marriage for the poor
90- The largest number of crimes against women in kerala were accounted for:
(A). Dowry
(B). Cruelty by husband and relatives (correct)
(C). Land Revenue
(D). Overseas Settlement
91- The most industrially backward districts in Kerala:
(A). Wayand and Idukki (correct)
(B). Trichur
(C). Coimbatore
(D). Allepy
92- The headquarters of World Trade Oraganisation (WTO):
(A). Guyana
(B). Geneva (correct)
(C). Budapest
(D). Detroit
93- UN security council consists of permanent members and?
(A). 11 non permanent members
(B). 12 non permanent members
(C). 10 non permanent members (correct)
(D). 14 non permanent members
94- The headquarters of International Atomic Energy agency:
(A). Yemen
(B). Veinna (correct)
(C). Tel Aviv
(D). Munich
95- Gautam Buddha preached his first sermon at:
(A). Bodh Gaya
(B). Saranath (correct)
(C). Nalanda
(D). Taxila
96- Who was the congress president at the time of partition of Bengal in 1905?
(A). Motilal Nehru
(B). Bal Gangadhar Tilak
(C). Sarojini Naidu
(D). Gopalakrishna Gokhale (correct)
97- Who encouraged the Muslims to achieve progress by studying modern education and science?
(A). Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (correct)
(B). Dr Abdul Kalam
(C). Zakir Husain
(D). Jinnah
98- River Danube is in:
(A). Africa
(B). Antarctica
(C). Europe (correct)
(D). America
99- Equatorial diameter of earth:
(A). 12756
(B). 12754 (correct)
(C). 12755
(D). 12759
100- Which of the following river joins Ganga?
(A). Jamuna
(B). Brahmaputra
(C). Hoogly (correct)
(D). Mandakini
101- Which of the following is an absolute monarchy with no formal constitution or parliament?
(A). Qatar
(B). Saudi Arabia (correct)
(C). Iran
(D). Syria
102- The president of Asian Devolopment Bank (ADB)?
(A). Hiroshi Kobe
(B). Chi Wan Sun
(C). Dr R. Shanker Narayan
(D). Haruhiko Koroda (correct)
103- Who convenes the joint session of lokshabah and rajya sabha?
(A). Vice President
(B). Speaker
(C). Chief Justice of India
(D). President (correct)
104- Oxygen in normal atmosphere air:
(A). 21 percent (correct)
(B). 24 percent
(C). 22 percent
(D). 20 percent
105- A substance above the critical temperature exists a :
(A). Vacuum
(B). Fire
(C). Gas (correct)
(D). Water
106- The most fuel efficient, economic and environment friendly mode of transport:
(A). Air
(B). Train
(C). Inland Navigation (correct)
(D). Metro Rail
107- Devi Ahilya Award is for:
(A). Literature
(B). Economic Development
(C). Science and Technology (correct)
(D). Rural Development
108- If GOAL means object of the effort; then GAOL means:
(A). A Club
(B). Market
(C). College
(D). A Prison (correct)
109- Who established Swaraj Party within the Congress with Gandhi’s reluctant blessing?
(A). Motilal Nehru and C R DAS (correct)
(B). Netaji & C.R. Das
(C). Motilal Nehru & Tilak
(D). CR Das & Tilak
110- The main port in UAE which is the largest harbor in West ASIA:
(A). Dubai (correct)
(B). Abu Dabi
(C). Muscat
(D). Oman
111- The headquarters of UNESCO is in :
(A). Paris (correct)
(B). Geneva
(C). Berlin
(D). Istanbul
112- Who is L.N. Mittal ?
(A). Telecom Chief
(B). Steel Magnet (correct)
(C). Garment Business
(D). Shipping
113- Who waged a war of destruction and plunder in India in the first quarter of 11the century?
(A). Mohamed Ghori
(B). Ghengiz Khan
(C). Timur Lang
(D). Muhammed of Ghazni (correct)
114- Mosti Masjid in Agra and Jama Masjid at Delhi were built during the reign of:
(A). Jahangir
(B). Shajahan (correct)
(C). Akbar
(D). Ibrahim Lodi
115- When was Communist Party of India Formed :
(A). 1925 (correct)
(B). 1928
(C). 1956
(D). 1946
116- The highesy policy making body of Asian Devolpment Bank(ADB):
(A). Board of Governors (correct)
(B). Board of Directors
(C). Executive Members
(D). Statutory Body
117- Which is called the red planet?
(A). Venus
(B). Mars (correct)
(C). Jupiter
(D). Neptune
118- ISRO on 23rd April 2007 successfully made the first commercial launch through PSLV –C8 of a foreign satellite at Sriharikota. It was:
(A). American Satellite
(B). Italian Satellite (correct)
(C). Japanese Satellite
(D). Russian Satellite
119- Which amendment of the constitution allowed government employees belonging to SC and ST to accelerated seniority?
(A). The seventy eigth amendmend (1995) (correct)
(B). The seventy eigth amendmend (1996)
(C). The seventy eigth amendmend (1999)
(D). The seventy eigth amendmend (1998)
120- Which of the article of the constitution accords the special status to the State of Jammu and Kashmir?
(A). Article 375
(B). Article 370 (correct)
(C). Article 372
(D). Article 325
121- Which was the largest opposition party in the Lok Sabha after the eight general election held in Decmber 1984?
(A). C.P.M.
(B). Telungu desam (correct)
(C). Janata Party
(D). B.J.P.
123- Which schedule of the constitution lists 18 subjects, on which the municipalities have administrative control?
(A). Schedule Twelve (correct)
(B). Schedule Fourteen
(C). Schedule Ten
(D). Schedule Eleven
124- Cooking gas is a mixture of:
(A). Propane & Hexane
(B). Butane and Propane (correct)
(C). Butane & Hexane
(D). None of these
125- Which is the gas inside an electric bulb?
(A). Nitrogen (correct)
(B). Helium
(C). Oxygen
(D). Propane
126- Eighth member of SAARC:
(A). Maldives
(B). Afganisthan (correct)
(C). Bhutan
(D). Nepal
127- Kerala women’s commission was established in?
(A). 1998
(B). 1996 (correct)
(C). 1992
(D). 1995
128- The smallest Union territory in India:
(A). Lakshadeep (correct)
(B). Andaman
(C). Pondicherry
(D). Chandigarh
129- Aizawl is the capital of:
(A). Manipur
(B). Tripura
(C). Meghalaya
(D). Mizoram (correct)
130- The number of states in India (including Delhi) :
(A). 28
(B). 29 (correct)
(C). 30
(D). 27
131- Recently SAGA-220 was making news. What is SAGA-220?
(A). Recently SAGA-220 was making news. What is SAGA-220?
(B). A cultural festival organized by India’s Cultural ministry in South American Countries
(C). A super computer developed by ISRO (correct)
(D). A software developed by C-DAC
132- Mr Ranjan Mathai has been recently appointed as India’s ______?
(A). Foreign Secretary (correct)
(B). Finance Secretary
(C). Ambassador to USA
(D). Permanent Representative to United Nations
133- In which among the following states of India is working a Special Purpose Vehicle for Implementation of Externally Aided Projects named as "Economic Reconstruction Agency"?
(A). Himachal Pradesh
(B). West Bengal
(C). Jammu & Kashmir (correct)
(D). Haryana
134- Which among the following company has bagged the Golden Peacock Environment Management Award 2011?
(B). SAIL (correct)
(C). CIL
(D). Food Corporation of India
135- Basant Nayak who recently passed away was a scion of which among the following industries?
(A). Oriya Film Industry (correct)
(B). Bangla Film Industry
(C). Telugu Film Industry
(D). Tamil Film Industry
136- Citadel of the Ho Dynasty" which was recently inducted in the World Heritage Sites is located in which among the following countries?
(A). Burma
(B). China
(C). Thailand
(D). Vietnam (correct)
137- "Konso Cultural Landscape" is a part of which among the following African Countries?
(A). Kenya
(B). Tanzania
(C). Ethiopia (correct)
(D). South Africa
138- Which among the following states have established a "Agriculture Cabinet" Recently to address issues of this sector?
(A). Madhya Pradesh
(B). Rajasthan
(C). Bihar (correct)
(D). West Bengal
139- The useful part of Zingiber officinale is ____?
(A). Roots
(B). Rhizome (correct)
(C). Leaves
(D). Fruits
140- Philip Roth, who has been recently in news is a famous____ ?
(A). Politician
(B). Scientist
(C). Economist
(D). Novelist (correct)
141- Which among the following is a correct full form of COMESA?
(A). Common Market For Eastern and Southern America
(B). Common Market For Eastern and Southern Africa (correct)
(C). Common Market For Eastern and Southern Asia
(D). None of these
142- Who among the following heads the Trade and Economic Relations Committee (TERC) in India?
(A). Prime Minister (correct)
(B). Minister of Commerce
(C). Finance Minister
(D). Finance Secretary
143- On which of the following dates World Press Freedom Day is observed in May ?
(A). May 1
(B). May 3 (correct)
(C). May 3
(D). May 10
144- Who among the following has won the World Snooker Championship for the fourth time in May 2011?
(A). Stephen Hendry
(B). Steve Davis
(C). Ray Reardon
(D). John Higgins (correct)
145- The term Rose Revolution refers to the change of power in recent times in which among the following countries?
(A). Croatia
(B). Syria
(C). Georgia (correct)
(D). Kyrgyzstan
146- Barry Allen was the alter ego of which DC comic superhero?
(A). The Flash (correct)
(B). Tintin
(C). Snoopy
(D). The miracle
147- In 1901 which brand of car was seen for the first time?
(A). Mercedes (correct)
(B). BMW
(C). Rolls Royce
(D). Ford
148- Brisbane is the state capital of which Australian state?
(A). Queensland (correct)
(B). Sydney
(C). Melbourne
(D). Adelaide
149- In Norse mythology what is the name of the ultimate battle?
(A). Ragnarok (correct)
(B). Pitsburg
(C). Torres
(D). Methnol
150- In 1890 the first electric what opened in London?
(A). Underground railway (correct)
(B). Airport
(C). Shipyard
(D). Super Cars
151- Who wrote the children’s novel Swallows and Amazons?
(A). Arthur Ransom (correct)
(B). Dickens
(C). Nobel
(D). Vikram Seth
152- Oil seed rape belongs to which plant family?
(A). Mustard (correct)
(B). Mushroom
(C). Beans
(D). Soya
153- Which politicians name became a word for traitor?
(A). Vidkun Quisling (correct)
(B). Mir Zafar
(C). Scindhias
(D). Mir Qasim
154- What shape were the sailors plates in Nelsons navy?
(A). Square (correct)
(B). Round
(C). Hexagon
(D). Rectangle
155- How many rings on the Olympic flag?
(A). five (correct)
(B). four
(C). six
(D). seven
156- Which human rights organisation founded 1961 got Nobel 1977?
(A). Amnesty International (correct)
(B). UNO
(C). God of Charity
(D). Khalifa Organisation
157- Whose autobiography was The long walk to Freedom?
(A). Nelson Mandela (correct)
(B). Nehru
(C). Luther King
(D). Gandhi
158- What was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter?
(A). Tutankamen tomb (correct)
(B). Titanum Tomb
(C). Ritunum Tomb
(D). Hobernum Tomb
159- Clyde Tonbaugh discovered what planet in 1930?
(A). Pluto (correct)
(B). Neptune
(C). Mercury
(D). Uranus
160- Who won the women’s heptathlon at Seoul in 1988?
(A). Jackie Joyner-Kersey (correct)
(B). Margaret Joe
(C). Britney
(D). Mary Kom
161- The Reserve Bank of India has imposed penalties ranging from `5 lakh to `15 lakh on 19 commerical banks, including 18 private sector/foreign banks and the State Bank of India, for currency derivative products to Indian companies and exporters.
(A). insider trading
(B). re-selling
(C). inis-selling (correct)
(D). fake-selling
162- How many times has the Indian currency been demonetised so far?
(A). Once
(B). Twice (correct)
(C). Thrice
(D). Never
163- In pursuance of the recommendations of the Narasimhan Committee, the RBI has framed new guidelines ?
(A). to govern entry of new private sector banks to make the banking sector more competitive (correct)
(B). to reduce the freedom given to banks to rationalize their existing branch network
(C). to set up more foreign exchange banks
(D). to lend more easily for industrial development
164- Which of the following were presented at the IIFI (International Film Festival of India) Short Film Centre Awards recently?
(A). Candle Tree awards
(B). Bioscope Tree Awards
(C). Banyan Tree Awards
(D). Lamp Tree Awards (correct)
165- Style substance is perfect_____________
(A). Harmony (correct)
(B). Accord
(C). Click
(D). Accent
166- What is RBI's share in NABARD equity currently?
(A). 99%
(B). 51%
(C). 49%
(D). 1% (correct)
167- …...... is the indirect tax that registered maximum growth during the first half of 2010-11
(A). Excise duty
(B). Custom duty (correct)
(C). Service tax
(D). None of the above
168- India recently signed a Line of Credit Agreement worth $ 1 billion with …
(A). Germany (correct)
(B). Australia
(C). Malaysia
(D). Indonesia
169- US recently announced one of the largest weapons sales in its history worth about $ 60 billion to which country?
(A). Kuwait
(B). Saudi Arabia (correct)
(C). Pakistan
(D). Afghanistan
170- The Union Government has declared … as the 'National Heritage Animal' recently.
(A). Tiger
(B). Elephant (correct)
(C). Lion
(D). Camel
171- India was ranked … in the Global Hunger Index released by IFPRI in October 2010.
(A). 67th (correct)
(B). 69th
(C). 71st
(D). 74th
172- The new chief of National Green Tribunal, constituted in October 2010 is ...
(A). S. K. Puri
(B). Anil K. Pandey
(C). Lokeshewar Singh (correct)
(D). Y. S. Dadwal
173- The Goods and Service (GST) proposed to be introduced in 2011 is likely to cover
(A). Trade, Sales tax
(B). Service, Trade tax
(C). Service, Excise, Sales tax
(D). Excise, Service, VAT tax (correct)
174- India is exploring Shale gas reserves with which country?
(A). France
(B). Germany
(C). United Kingdom
(D). USA (correct)
175- The two-day summit of Finance Ministers of G-20 nations was held in which country?
(A). China
(B). India
(C). South Korea (correct)
(D). Canada
176- 'Udyami', a newly inaugurated helpline assists …
(A). Micro, Small and Medium enterprises (correct)
(B). Large capital industries
(C). Only female entrepreneurs
(D). Farmers introducing technology in farming
177- Companies are required to list shares within … days of the closure of the Initial Public Offers (IPOs), as per the new guidelines issued by SEBI.
(A). 9
(B). 12 (correct)
(C). 15
(D). 18
178- The per capita income in India stands at … (as per the revised estimated data for 2009-10)
(A). Rs. 40,000
(B). Rs. 44,354 (correct)
(C). Rs. 47,690
(D). Rs. 48,356
179- Foodgrains production stood at … million tonnes for the year 2009-10, as per the 4th advance estimates.
(A). 218.20 (correct)
(B). 218.25
(C). 218.50
(D). 218.75
180- The organisation that recently celebrated the silver jubilee year of its establishment is …
(A). G-8
(B). G-20
(D). SAARC (correct)
181- Youth Festival 2011 will be organised in which city?
(A). Udaipur (correct)
(B). Goa
(C). Hyderabad
(D). Bhubaneshwar
182- The first-quarter group profit of Tata Steel ending on June 30 was…
(A). 1,625 crore
(B). 1,725 crore
(C). 1,825 crore (correct)
(D). 1,925 crore
183- Name the telecom operator which has initiated the Braille Bill service in India.
(A). Vodafone
(B). Reliance (correct)
(C). Airtel
(D). Idea
184- NMDC has acquired the entire private land required for its proposed ` 15,000 crore steel plant at…
(A). Jagdalpur (correct)
(B). Godda
(C). Dumka
(D). Samastipur
185- The organisation to sign an agreement with the All India Football Federation (AIFF) to support the development of India Under-16 football team is
(A). Bharti Enterprises (correct)
(B). Mittal Group
(C). Tata
(D). Reliance ADA Group
186- Nestle will invest ` 350 crore to set up a manufacturing plant at… to produce the 'Maggi' range of food products.
(A). Maharashtra
(B). Karnataka (correct)
(C). West Bengal
(D). Gujarat
187- Vedanta Resources will take a majority stake of … in Cairn India
(A). $10 billion. (correct)
(B). $1(C).3 billion.
(C). $1(D).8 billion.
(D). $17 billion.
188- NMDC and Kobe Steel have signed a contract for acquiring stake in iron ore project in …
(A). New Zealand
(B). Austria
(C). Australia (correct)
(D). New Guinea
189- Mahindra and Mahindra plans to acquire which Korean auto maker for an estimate of $400-450 million?
(A). Ssangyong (correct)
(B). Maruti
(C). Hundai
(D). Ford
190- Name India’s largest and only telecom operator offering nationwide CDMA and GSM mobile services.
(A). Tata Indicom
(B). Virgin mobiles
(C). Vodafone
(D). Reliance Communications (correct)
191- has launched an online book store at TradusBooks. in, offering book enthusiasts a wide assortment of titles, ease of shopping and free shipping of books across India. is a sister concern company of …
(A). Ibibo Web Pvt Ltd (correct)
(B). Yahoo
(C). Times Shopping
192- How many circles have been allotted to Vodafone for 3G Mobile services?
(A). 9 (correct)
(B). 11
(C). 14
(D). 17
193- The total income of the Unitech Group has increased by... percent during the April-June quarter.
(A). 33.87 per cent
(B). 43.87 per cent
(C). 53.87 per cent (correct)
(D). 63.87 per cent
194- Jos Alukkas, a leading gold and diamond trader in the country, registered a total business turnover of … in 2010-2011 ?
(A). 550 crore
(B). 820 crore (correct)
(C). 1020 crore
(D). 1120 crore
195- Name the telecom operator which has initiated the Braille Bill service in India.
(A). Vodafone
(B). Reliance (correct)
(C). Airtel
(D). Idea
196- German carmaker Mercedes Benz launched a new version of its E-Class sedan priced at
(A). 63.4 lakh
(B). 64.5 lakh (correct)
(C). 65 lakh
(D). 65.5 Lakh
197- Name the Indian software services firm which has won a New York court ruling to withhold taxes from a $70 million settlement payment to Britain-based Unpaid Systems Ltd.
(A). Mahindra Satyam (correct)
(B). Infosys
(C). IBM
(D). HP
198- HDFC Trustee Co Ltd acquired 2.44 per cent stake in which textiles and apparels maker company in August?
(A). Raymond (correct)
(B). Grasim
(C). Peter England
(D). Armani
199- Members of Parliament can soon spend up to every year from their local area development fund for giving assistance to the physically challenged. This provision will come into effect from June 1, 201(A). The physically challenged can use the money for purchase of tricycles and artificial limbs only after proper verification from chief medical officer.
(A). 5 lakh
(B). 10 lakh (correct)
(C). 15 lakh
(D). 20 lakh
200- Jos Alukkas, a leading gold and diamond trader in the country, registered a total business turnover of …… in 2010-2011 ?
(A). 550 crore
(B). 820 crore (correct)
(C). 1020 crore
(D). 1120 crore
201- Recently, Union Minister for Earth Sciences, Shri Kapil Sibal laid the foundation stone for India’s 3rd Research Base named “Bharti” at _________.
(A). Lloyd Hills
(B). Crater Hills
(C). Margaret Hills
(D). Larsemann Hills (correct)
201- According to the latest report published by National Aids Control Organization (NACO), which of the following states has highest HIV infection prevalence?
(A). Assam
(B). Tripura
(C). Manipur (correct)
(D). Mizoram
203- At present, which of the following countries is India’s largest trading partner?
(A). China
(B). USA
(C). Malaysia
(D). United Arab Emirates (correct)
204- The government of India has taken a decision to withdraw “25 paisa” coin from circulation from _______.
(A). June 30, 2011 (correct)
(B). April 10, 2012
(C). April 30, 2011
(D). July 10, 2012
205- Who amongst the following has been appointed as chairman of Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) to probe the alleged scam in 2G spectrum allocation.
(A). Rajiv Takru
(B). P.C. Chacko (correct)
(C). Baldev Raj
(D). Vinayak Sen
206- Recently CeBIT 2011, the biggest tradeshow for digital industry was held in ______.
(A). Istanbul
(B). Sydney
(C). Hanover (correct)
(D). New Delhi
207- Mudiyettu, a ritual dance drama recently inscribed in the UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Mudiyettu is performed annually in which of following states?
(A). Assam
(B). Odisha
(C). Kerala (correct)
(D). Karnataka
208- How much percent share of food and drinks has fixed by government in newly launched Consumer Price Index (CPI) to indicate the inflation rate?
(A). 51.25 per cent
(B). 49.71 per cent (correct)
(C). 26.31 per cent
(D). 35.20 per cent
209- Who is the author of book “The Immortals”?
(A). Chetan Bhagat
(B). Amit Chaudhary (correct)
(C). Amitav Ghosh
(D). Aravind Adiga
210- Which of the following is the name of the Act which governs the foreign exchange
(A). FIR
(B). FIS
(C). FEMA (correct)
211- A foreign bank willing to do business in India can open maximum how many branches in the country?
(A). 10 (correct)
(B). 12
(C). 14
(D). 16
212- About how much amount has been approved by central government for “Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana” in Budget 2011-12?
(A). Rs. 15,000 cr.
(B). Rs. 18,000 cr.
(C). Rs. 20,000 cr. (correct)
(D). Rs. 21,000 cr.
213- Which of the following statement(s) is/are true about the Railway Budget 2011-12?
A) No hike in passenger fare and freight rates
B) Gross Traffic Receipts are estimated at Rs.1,06,239 crore.
C) A new diesel locomotive centre to be set up in Singur
(A). Only (A)
(B). Only (B)
(C). Only (C)
(D). Both (A) & (B) (correct)
214- According to the latest figures of national income released by Central Statistical Organisation (CSO) country’s Per Capita Income rises 14.5 per cent to_______.
(A). Rs.46492 (correct)
(B). Rs.48492
(C). Rs.45492
(D). Rs.47492
215- Which of the following is NOT a major highlight of Union Budget 2011-12?
A) Rs.58,000 crore allocated for Bharat Nirman programme
B) Anganwadi workers salary raised from Rs.1,500 to Rs.2,000.
C) Housing loan limit for priority sector lending raised to Rs.25 lakh.
(A). Only (A)
(B). Only (B) (correct)
(C). Both (A) & (B)
(D). Both (A) & (C)
216- As per the Union Budget for FY 2011-12, how much amount (in Rupees) offered by central government for capital infusion in state run banks?
(A). 20(A).5 billion (correct)
(B). 20(C).2 billion
(C). 205.3 billion
(D). 207.5 billion
217- Which of the following is the base year for assessment of GDP at factor cost?
(A). 2001-02 prices
(B). 2002-03 prices
(C). 2003-04 prices
(D). 2004-05 prices (correct)
218- Recently, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh dedicated India’s first International Container Transshipment Terminal (ICTT) to the nation. ICTT is situated at ____.
(A). Odisha
(B). Kerala (correct)
(C). Tamilnadu
(D). Maharashtra
219- Thein Sein has been elected as new President of _______.
(A). Sudan
(B). Libya
(C). Egypt
(D). Myanmar (correct)
220- Earth Hour, a global event which asks people to turn off the non-essential lights for one designated hour is organized annually by which of the following agencies?
(A). World Energy Council
(B). World Wildlife Fund (correct)
(C). World Health Organization
(D). International Atomic Energy Agency
221- India’s largest Naphtha Cracker plant has recently been inaugurated by petroleum minister S. Jaipal Reddy at which of the following locations?
(A). Vadoara (Gujarat)
(B). Panipat (Haryana) (correct)
(C). Udupi (Karnataka)
(D). Hingoli (Maharashtra)
222- Who is the author of controversial book “Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle With India” recently banned by Gujarat government?
(A). Joseph Lelyveld (correct)
(B). Martin Green
(C). Feroz Abbas Khan
(D). Jessica Murray
223- What is the name of mascot for 34th National Games 2011 recently held in Jharkhand?
(A). Shera
(B). Chhaua (correct)
(C). Stumpy
(D). Zakumi
224- What is the total number of zones of Indian Railways including recently established Kolkata Metro Railway zone?
(A). 15
(B). 16
(C). 17 (correct)
(D). 18
225- Which of the following institutions has propagated Self-Help Group (SHG)?
(A). RBI
(B). RRB
(D). NABARD (correct)
226- Who among the following has been appointed the National Security Adviser by the UPA Government ?
(A). Brajesh Mishra
(B). J. N. Daxit (correct)
(C). Soli J. Sorabjee
(D). T. K. A. Nair
227- Who among the following is the new Chief Minister of Karnataka ?
(A). S. M. Krishna
(B). Uma Bharti
(C). Dharam Singh (correct)
(D). Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy
228- A solemn ceremony to mark the 60th Anniversary of D-Day landings of the Allies troops during the Second World War, was held in
(A). Pearl Harbour
(B). Normandy (correct)
(C). New York
(D). Lisbon
229- Which of the following cricketers holds the world record of maximum number of sixes in Tests ?
(A). Chris Carins (New Zealand) (correct)
(B). Viv Richards (West Indies)
(C). Sachin Tendulkar (India)
(D). Wasim Akram (Pakistan)
230- Who among the following has been appointed the new Chief Justice of India ?
(A). Justice Rajendra Babu
(B). Justice V. N. Khare
(C). Justice R. C. Lahoti (correct)
(D). None of these
231- Who among the following sports persons got the honour of lighting the Olympic flame at the Major Dhyan Chand Stadium in New Delhi recently ?
(A). Anjali Bhagwat (correct)
(B). Abhinav Bindra
(C). Viswanathan Anand
(D). K. M. Beenamol
232- Who among the following has been appointed new chairman of the National Commission for Farmers ?
(A). Ajit Singh
(B). K. C. Pant
(C). Dr. M. S. Swaminathan (correct)
(D). Sharad Pawar
233- Which of the following planets crossed the face of the sun (in transit) after 122 years recently ?
(A). Mars
(B). Venus (correct)
(C). Jupiter
(D). Saturn
234- Which of the following countries was readmitted to the Commonwealth recently ?
(A). Nepal
(B). Myanmar
(C). Pakistan (correct)
(D). None of these
235- Who said that “Oh! Disrespectable democracy! I love you!”?
(A). G.B.Shaw (correct)
(B). Carpenter
(C). Lord Bryce
(D). Appa Dorai
236- The three-tier Panchayat Raj System in India was proposed by the
(A). Balwant Rai Mehta Committee (correct)
(B). Ashok Mehta Committee
(C). Royal Commission
(D). None of the above
237- Through which principle/device did Mahatma Gandhi strive to bridge economic inequlaities?
(A). Abolition of Machinary
(B). Establishment of village industries
(C). Adoptation of non-violence
(D). Trusteeship theory (correct)
238- Which one of the following was the last Buddhist text produced in India?
(A). Divya Vandanam
(B). Dohakosa
(C). Vajrachedika
(D). Vamsathapakasini (correct)
239- ‘Cod’ is a variety of
(A). Goat
(B). Fish (correct)
(C). Crop
(D). Coral
240- Golden Revolution refers to
(A). Sericulture
(B). Horiculture (correct)
(C). Apiculture
(D). Viticulture