Current Affairs and GK Quiz (Questions with Answers)


1- Name the Rashtriya Lok dal (RLD) leader who was inducted into the Union Cabinet as civil aviation minister on 18 December 2011.
1. Ajit Singh
2. Jayant Choudhary
3. Devendra Nagpal
4. Sanjay Singh Chauhan

2- Which PSU lender decided to aggressively market its gold loan scheme for farmers to prevent defaults after the agriculture sector witnessed a sharp spike in bad debt in the past one year?
1. Union Bank
2. United Bank of India
3. Industrial Development Bank of India
4. State Bank of India

3- The enigmatic leader of North Korea who led his nation for 17 years through a devastating famine while frustrating the United States and other global powers with approach to talks on giving up nuclear arms in return for food and other assistance died on 17 December 2011 after he suffered a massive heart attack. Name the leader.
1. Kim Jong-il
2. Kim II-sung
3. Kim Jong-un
4. Kim Jong-chul

4- Who amongst the following is NOT a famous writer?
1. Sania Mirza
2. V.S.Naipaul
3. Chetan Bhagat
4. Khushwant Singh
5. Namita Gokhale

5- India has an agreement with USA for producing energy in the form of
1. Hydraulic
2. Thermal
3. Nuclear
4. Solar

6- Which of the following awards is given to sports persons in India?
1. Shantiswarup Bhatnagar Awards
2. Arjuna Award
3. Kalidas Samman
4. Sarswati Samman

7- Who amongst the following can take benefit of the Social Security Fund established by the Govt. of India for unorganized workers?
1. Primary School Teacher
2. Employee of Sugar Factory
3. Textile Mazdoor
4. Rickshaw Puller
5. Clerk in a factory

8- In case a major war breaks out between two nations, which of the following organization/agencies will be seen in the battle field, in additional to the armies of the fighting parties?
1. WTO
2. Red Cross

9- Who defeated ace badminton player and World No. 4 Saina Nehwal of India in the women’s singles final of the $500000 BWF World Super Series badminton championship in China on 18 December 2011?
1. Zhang Ning
2. Xie Singfang
3. Xu Huaiwen
4. Wang Yihan

10- Which of the following are the key features of the Draft National Food Security Bill?
I. Every person shall have the right of access to sufficient and safe food either directly or by purchasing the food.
II. The Central and state governments shall share the financial cost of procuring, storing and distributing food grains to the population entitled to it.
III. There are special provisions for pregnant and lactating mothers, children in the 0-6 age group, destitute homeless and disaster affected persons.
IV. The state governments shall provide all children upto class VIII freshly cooked meal in all schools run by local bodies and the government.
1. Only I & II
2. Only II
3. I, II, III
4. All of these

11- Which of the following statements is correct?
1. Lok Sabha passed the Lokpal Bill but Rajya Sabha could not
2. Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha both passed the Lokpal Bill
3. Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha both did not pass the Lokpal Bill
4. Only Rajya Sabha passed the Lokpal Bill
5. None of these

12- Which ministry on December 24 issued a gazette notification for the implementation of sub-quota for minorities within 27% reservation for OBCs in all central educational institutions?
1. Finance Ministry
2. Parliamentary Affairs Ministry
3. Social Welfare Ministry
4. HRD Ministry

13- Which of the following states announced recently a package of Rs. 2000 cr for distressed farmers?
1. Gujarat
2. Karnataka
3. Maharashtra
4. Madhya Pradesh

14- S.S. Mantha is the chairman of
1. UGC

15- The total cost of Iraq war the U.S. economy has been estimated at
1. $1 trillion
2. $1.5 trillion
3. $2 trillion
4. $3 trillion

16- Martyr’s day is celebrated on
1. 24 January
2. 26 January
3. 28 January
4. 30 January

17- Who is the author of the book ‘Democracy and Caste”?
1. Rajeev Ranjan
2. Dilip Hiro
3. Balwant Singh
4. Devdutt Patnaik

18- Who has been chosen for the 7th Akkineni Nageswara National Award 2011?
1. Hema Malani
2. Jaya Prada
3. Sri Devi
4. Vidya Balan
5. Madhuri Dixit

19- Which of the following countries is all set to introduce new visa rules for foreigners, which included procedures like finger printing to put in place biological identification data in order to “curb illegal entry” in the country to seek jobs?
1. Japan
2. Germany
3. China
4. France

20- Kim Jong-un has been appointed new head of ______ ruling party.
1. North Korea
2. South Korea
3. Malaysia
4. Singapore

21- Homadi Jebali is the new Prime Minister of
1. Syria
2. Tunisia
3. Egypt
4. Ireland

22- The Islamist Ennahda Party is the national political party of_____
1. Egypt
2. Libya
3. Syria
4. Tunisia

23- The CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) Summit was held in_____
1. Moscow
2. Petersburg
3. Paris
4. Davos

24- Joseph Kabila has been sworn in on December 20 for another term as president of _____
1. Peru
2. Colombia
3. Rwanda
4. DR Congo

25- In which country, Oliver flash foods devastated the southern region unaccustomed to serious storms, killing more than 400 people?
1. Indonesia
2. Malaysia
3. Thailand
4. Philippines

26- Oscar Valdes has become new Prime Minister of
1. Colombia
2. Peru
3. Brazil
4. Trinidad & Tobago

27- Cristine fernadez de Kirchner is the first woman President of
1. Cuba
2. Argentina
3. Peru
4. Brazil

28- Which of the following countries has joined WTO in December 2011?
1. China
2. Japan
3. Russia
4. Switzerland

29- Which country is the 12th largest global exporter and 18th largest global importer?
1. Russia
2. India
3. France
4. Germany

30- With which country, Pakistan concluded a crucial USD 1.58 billion currency swap deal and multimillion dollar pacts to upgrade the strategic Karakoram Highway and a power plant?
1. China
2. Japan
3. India
4. Afghanistan

31- Julian Assange is the founder of
1. Google
2. WikiLeaks
3. Microsoft
4. Facebook

32- Which country won the Davis Cup title on December 4, 2011?
1. Argentina
2. Switzerland
3. Spain
4. Singapore

33- Who was on December 20, voted Player of the Year for 2011 by the All India Football Federation?
1. Sunil Chhetri
2. Baichung Bhutia
3. Gouramongi Singh
4. Sunil Dinda

34- Who won the London Chess Classic open section in December 2011?
1. Sahaj Grover
2. Keith Arkell
3. Abhijeet Gupta
4. Viswanathan Anand

35- Yoshihiko Noda is the Prime Minister of
1. China
2. Japan
3. South Korea
4. Singapore

36- Where was the United Nations Climate change Conference held from November 28 to December 11?
1. Durban
2. Pretoria
3. Johannesburg
4. Cannes

37- Who is the chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel and Law and Justice, which tabled the report on the Jan Lokpal bill in the parliament recently?
1. Arvind Kejriwal
2. Yashwant Sinhan
3. Abhishek Manu Singhvi
4. Rahul Gandhi

38- A special one-day session of which state assembly recently adopted unanimously a resolution calling upon the Central and State governments to take steps for construction of a new dam at Mullaperiyar and to lower the water level in the existing dam?
1. Kerala
2. Karnataka
3. Tamil Nadu
4. All the above

39- Defence Minister A.K.Antony ordered the Army to begin an internal investigation on possible corruption in the procurement of Rs. 500 crore worth of equipment which had possibly compromised its ability to use satellite images of enemy troop movements and assets based on the investigative report in which newspaper?
1. The Times of India
2. The Hindu
3. Hindustan Times
4. Indian Express

40- Consider the following statements:
I. A parliamentary panel has recommended that domestic workers be brought under the purview of the Protection of Women against Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill, 2010.
II. India had voted in favour of the International Labour Organization’s Convention 189 for Decent Work for Domestic Workers, and the committee has rejected the government highlighting practical difficulties in the absence of any code of conduct laid down for the household.
1. Both I and II are correct
2. Both I and II are incorrect
3. Only I is correct
4. Only II is correct

41- The 40th Anniversary of Vijay Diwas was celebrated on which day marking the finest hour of the Indian armed forces when they defeated Pakistan, leading to the creation of Bangladesh in 1971?
1. December 12
2. December 15
3. December 16
4. December 18

42- The Supreme Court of India directed Tamil Nadu to ensure that the water level in the Mullaperiya dam does not exceed ……. but declined to entertain Kerala’s plea for reducing the level to …….
1. 136 feet; 120 feet
2. 120 feet; 136 feet
3. 140 feet; 112 feet
4. 150 feet;140 feet

43- World’s least developed countries’ summit was held in May 2011 in--
1. Tehran
2. Cairo
3. Istanbul
4. Beijing

44- Maharashtra government planned to provide free medicare for poor families.
Consider the following statements:
1. The plan will benefit 50 lakh families
2. The plan will cover eight districts in state
Choose the right option -
1. Both 1 and 2 are correct
2. Only 1 is correct
3. Only 2 is correct
4. Neither 1 nor 2 is correct

45- Lok sabha on December 27, 2011 passed the Lokpal and Lokayukta Bill, 2011.
Consider the following statements -
1. The setting up of Lokayuktas by the states would not be mandatory
2. The constitutional amendment Bill fell through
Choose the right option:
1. Only 1 is correct
2. Both 1 and 2 are correct
3. Only 2 is correct
4. Neither 1 nor 2 is correct

46- Which country is set to open military base in Indian Ocean?
1. Russia
2. North Korea
3. China
4. None of these

47- Who won the under-14 boys American Cup Tennis Championship in Miami, Forida?
1. Sumit Nagal
2. Dusan Vukicevic
3. David Volfson
4. Benjamin Hennestad

48- Name the NRI architect who won Glory of India Award and Certificate of Excellence recently?
1. Ar Mohammed Aun
2. Surendra Kumar Kaushik
3. S.R. Nathan
4. None of these

49- Which Indian state is set to get Green Field Industrial Corridor?
1. Manipur
2. Mizoram
3. Arunachal Pradesh
4. None of these

50- Name the Iranian teenager who won World Snooker title recently -
1. Lee Walker
2. Hossein Vafaei Ayouri
3. Shevard
4. Steve Mizerak

51- Who among the following was associated with Velvet Revolution?
1. Kim Jong-il
2. Vaclav Havel
3. Wangari Mathai
4. Kim Jong-un

52- Including India, which four countries during, the first half of 2011, requested Google to remove content on the basis that it was critical of the government that Google refused to comply?
1. USA, China and Israel
2. Thailand, Turkey and USA
3. Israel, China and Japan
4. Thailand, Turkey and Yemen

53- A Bill to amend the original Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order, 1950 was introduced by Minister of Tribal Affairs V.Kishore Chandra Deo regarding giving the status of scheduled tribes to which state?
1. Manipur
2. Arunachal Pradesh
3. Mizoram
4. Chhattisgarh

54- Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee recently confirmed to a section of the Opposition that the Union government had decided to put on hold the move to allow foreign equity in which sector?
1. Retail
2. Aviation
3. Automobile
4. Energy and Power

55- Which country houses half of Asia’s HIV patients and also finds a place in the list of 22 countries prioritized for preventing mother to child transmission infection, according to the latest UNAIDS report?
1. China
2. India
3. Thailand
4. Philippines

56- The train travelling the longest distance in India, Vivek Express, connects which two parts of the country?
1. Qazigund-Kanya kumari
2. Dibrugarh-Kanya kumari
3. Udhampur-Rameshwaram
4. Kutch-Moreh

57- Which monument became the first blind-friendly world heritage site in India?
1. Fatehpur Sikri
2. Sanchi
3. Taj Mahal
4. Bodh Gaya

58- In the recently released UNIDO report 2011, which is not included among the top 10 industrial nations?
1. France
2. Italy
3. India
4. Russia

59- Which is the last country to have its parliament ratify accession to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty(CTBT)?
1. Indonesia
2. India
3. Iran
4. Egypt

60- What is ‘Golos’ in the context of Russian elections?
1. A news channel
2. The mass protests at the Kremlin Post-elections
3. An independent elections watchdog
4. A system of voting

61- Which two countries were excluded from a recently formed regional grouping, Latin American and Caribbean States, CELAC?
1. USA and Canada
2. Argentina and Venezuela
3. Chile and Mexico
4. USA and Venezuela

62- Along with the Taliban, which country boycotted the Bonn conference on Afghanistan earlier this year?
1. India
2. Uzbekistan
3. Pakistan
4. China

63- Name the Director-General of the ILO:
1. Michel Hansenne
2. Mr. Jorge Arrate Mac Niven
3. Juan Somavia
4. Robert B. Zoellick

64- Which book won the Man Booker for 2011?
1. Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman
2. The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes
3. Jamrach's Menagerie by Carol Birch
4. The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt

65- Which cricketer recently broke the older record of highest runs scored in a one-day match after playing 240 ODIs?
1. Sachin Tendulkar
2. Brian Lara
3. Virendra Sehwag
4. Ricky Ponting

66- In which sport did 16 year old Sreenath Mohan recently set a new national record?
1. High Jump
2. Long Jump
3. 100m Sprint
4. Gymnastics

67- Who is the women’s world champion in chess?
1. Kuneru Humpy
2. Alexandra Kosteniuk
3. Antoaneta Stefanova
4. Yifan Hou

68- The Union Government cleared a proposal to set up a National Counter-Terrorism Centre (NCTC). The proposed NCTC will gather and give intelligence to Central and State security agencies. Under which Central Agency’s purview will the NCTC fall under?
1. National Security Guard (NSG)
2. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)
3. Intelligence Bureau (IB)
4. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

69- What does the Red Ribbon Express Phase III signify?
1. Union Health Ministry's anti-AIDS campaign
2. Union Textile Ministry's pro-silk campaign
3. Union Health Ministry's anti-Breast Cancer campaign
4. Both (1) & (2)
5. None of the above

70- Which state police is planning to introduce an initiative called ‘Response 10,’ a step to tackle the rising terror threat in the city. The initiative involves training the police personnel to do operations at the site of a terror attack till the specialized forces take over.
1. Delhi Police
2. Mumbai Police
3. Bangalore Police
4. UP Police

71- Which state recently sought special status for itself in view of its difficult geography?
1. Jammu and Kashmir
2. Rajasthan
3. Chhattisgarh
4. All of the above

72- Consider the following statements:
I. Kerala has maintained that it is agreeable to the constitution of an independent committee, with representatives of both Kerala and Tamil Nadu and the Union of India, for regulation of the water of a new Mullaperiyar dam.
II. Tamil Nadu rejected this proposal, arguing that the question of building a new dam, let alone regulation of its waters, would not arise at all, as the existing dam was safe.
1. Both I and II are correct
2. Both I and II are incorrect
3. Only I is correct
4. Only II is correct

73- The Supreme Court declined to interfere with an interim order of the Bombay High Court, directing which media company to deposit Rs 20 crore in cash and Rs 80 crore as bank guarantee in the court in a defamation suit filed by the former Supreme Court judge, P.B. Sawant, claiming Rs. 100 crore in damages?
1. Network 18
2. Times Global Broadcasting Co. Limited
3. Times Today Group
4. Dainik Bhaskar Group

74- Which ally in the United Progressive Alliance rejected a major provision in the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Bill, 2011, which calls for formation of Lokayuktas, stating it “encroached on the authority of the State”?
1. Trinamool Congress
2. Jammu & Kashmir National Conference
3. Dravida Munetra Kazhagam
4. Nationalist Congress Party

75- Who launched the interactive science education project, ‘Sasthrayaan,’ for school children recently?
1. APJ Abdul Kalam
2. Kapil Sibal
3. Manmohan Singh
4. Oommen Chandy

76- Which country’s President has offered an amnesty to citizens who have taken up arms against his rule and has dragged the country to the point of outright war?
1. Myanmar President Thein Sein
2. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
3. Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh
4. Afghan President Hamid Karzai

77- Which country recently announced a “major” change in the definition of rape towards one that took cognizance of male victims and also did away with ambiguities surrounding the question of consent?
1. UK
2. USA
3. Singapore
4. Thailand

78- Afghanistan’s Taliban insurgents have demanded in negotiations with the U.S. that prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay be transferred to which country?
1. Indonesia
2. China
3. Pakistan
4. Qatar

79- On June 9,2011 India successfully flight tested
1. Akash
2. Agni
3. Dhruv
4. Prithvi II

80- India will host in the year 2013, foreign ministers meet of-