General Knowledge Quiz 32


What is the popular name of Sodium Chloride ?
(A) Epsom Salt
(B) Common Salt
(C) Baking Soda
(D) Washing Soda


'Satyameva Jayate', the national motto of India, has been teken from which Upanishad ?
(A) Kena
(B) Katha
(C) Mundaka
(D) Aitareya


On the banks of which river is the city of Jammu, the winter capital of Jammu & Kashmir, situated ?
(A) Ravi
(B) Tawi
(C) Tapti
(D) Gomti


How do we better know social activist Murlidhar Devidas, the founder of leprosy rehabilitation center 'Anandvan' in Maharashtra ?
(A) Baba Amte
(B) Vinoba Bhave
(C) Swami Ramdev
(D) Swami Agnivesh


Which passenger train service connects Kolkata (India) with Dhaka (Bangladesh) ?
(A) Thar Express
(B) Samjhauta Express
(C) Maitreyi Express
(D) Himsagar Express


To the Greeks, which Maurya ruler was known as 'Sandrokottos' ?
(A) Bindusara
(B) Ashok the Great
(C) Chandragupta Maurya
(D) Dasaratha Maurya


In 1998, which internet search engine company was co-founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin ?
(A) Google
(B) Alta Vista
(C) Yahoo
(D) Lycos


'By God's Decree', 'Cricket my style' and 'Straight from the Heart' are the autobiographies of which Indian cricketer ?
(A) Sunil Gavaskar
(B) Ajit Wadekar
(C) Sandeep Patil
(D) Kapil Dev


On 21st July 1969, at which site did Neil Armstrong set his foot on the Moon ?
(A) Sea of Waves
(B) Sea of Clouds
(C) Sea of Serenity
(D) Sea of Tranquility


Due to its ability to dissolve glass, which acid is not kept in glass container ?
(A) Nitric Acid
(B) Sulphuric Acid
(C) Hydrochloric Acid
(D) Hydrofluoric Acid

Answers :

Q1.    (B) Common Salt
Q2.    (C) Mundaka
Q3.    (B) Tawi
Q4.    (A) Baba Amte
Q5.    (C) Maitreyi Express
Q6.    (C) Chandragupta Maurya
Q7.    (A) Google
Q8.    (D) Kapil Dev
Q9.    (D) Sea of Tranquility
Q10.   (D) Hydrofluoric Acid